So why “Sunshine State?”

Mostly because it hearkens back to a time of unbridled optimism, a time where postcards promised paradise and we chose to believe they could deliver. A funny thing happens when capitalists choose to believe in something. That thing usually works.

And what was it about those old photos? The sunset, the palm tree, the right line, and suddenly you just wanted that world. And you went. And sent more postcards. Wish you were here.

So Sunshine State is more of a state of mind – a contagious enthusiasm in which people are happy to participate when they encounter it.

We endeavor to make every piece of communication feel more like an invitation and less like coercion.

In the end, people want stories and they are willing to trade some small fraction of bandwidth out of their attention span for the chance that what you’re saying might help them. Or at least entertain them.

We try to do both.